20-21 Virtual Health Series

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Bringing Mental Health Strategies to the Classroom: February 9, 2021

Speaker: Jean Foster, Regional School Health Coordinator, Monroe County ISD

Session Recording

Providing Practical Strategies and resources to bring to the classroom. Providing information on how and why kids “flip their lids” (become unregulated) in the classroom and how we can prevent that from happening. Geared towards staff that work with PreK-5.

Suicide Prevention Basics for School Staff: March 9, 2021

Speaker: Angela Blood Starr, Regional School Health Coordinator, Calhoun Intermediate School District

This session addresses risk and protective factors for suicide, myths and facts, suicide statistics, and warning signs for suicide and depression. The material is presented through the lens of school staff and their engagement with preventing youth suicide.

Session Recording

The Effects of Overall Health on Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Parents During the Pandemic: May 11, 2021

Speaker: Travis Neller, Prevention Specialist, Eaton Regional Education Services Agency

This session will breakdown how the pandemic has affected student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans mentally, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially. Quotes from people affected will be provided as well as research pertaining to the pandemic.

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