2017 Presenter Handouts

The PowerPoints and handouts for presenters are by presenter name and session title.

Augst-Service Learning

Burk, Dalman, Schroeder – Implementing WSCC at the Building Level

de la Rambelje-Tobacco Playbook Deja vu

DiPonio-Creating Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Schools

Evans- I Like to Move It, Move It!

Furhman-Verbal De-Escalation

Hasson-Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with Activity (InPACT)

Holmes- Positive Classroom Management for School Based Programs

Kazee- Beyond Content Standards

King–Classroom Basic

King-Kids in Crisis

Livingston – Youth Suicide

Paulsen-Excessive and Violent Media Effects

Pryzstas – Successful Community Involvement in Elementary Physical Education

McEvoy – Helping Students Get Along

Ransier & Hernandez – Project Healthy Schools

Sellers – Less Shame…More Wonder!

Sparks- Keynote

Sparks-Breakout Links

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