2019 Presenter Handouts

The slideshows and handouts for presenters are listed by presenter name and session title.

Alberda – #PORN

Banka & Lorenc – The Ins and Outs of Wellness Policies

Blair & Firpo – Sexuality Education for Cognitively Impaired Secondary Students

Blood Starr & Warren – Compassion Fatigue: Taking Care of Yourself & Developing Resilience through Simple Meditation

Harris – Through a Child’s Eyes

Harris – Dance or Wrestle: Working with Resistant Youth

Harris, Geshel, Lehto, Schueet & Paulsen – Take the Challenge: How Your School Can Help Reduce Screen Time

Liabenow, Sutka, Bailey, Lonzo, Pechaitis & Tindall – Incorporating the WSCC Model into School Improvement Planning

Moreno – Pathways Among School and Community Settings to Enable a Healthy and Physically Literate Youth Culture

Moreno – The Importance of Embracing Physical Literacy in the School Setting to Build a Healthy Community

Rogers – Sexual Health Education for Students with ASD

Sellers & Bendarz – If You Don’t Who Will? Connecting Kids with Sex Education

Shaffer & Sukta – What’s New with the Michigan Model

Teachout – School Safety and You

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