Prioritizing Health Lessons: 20-21

As schools begin the process of reopening Health educators will be tasked with prioritizing lessons that support the well-being of their students. Health Education, in particular, will play an important role as we look to help students build their health literacy and skills to navigate the many challenges to well-being that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

These guidance documents look specifically at lessons found in the Michigan Model for Health Curriculum. Overall the guidance can assist health education teachers, as well as their administrators, to recognize units or strands of Health Education that are of particular importance in supporting student well-being in light of the COVID-19 pandemic whether or not they implement Michigan Model for Health. Emphasized units included: Social and Emotional Health, Safety, Personal Health and Wellness (emphasis on infectious disease prevention), Nutrition and Physical Activity, and Substance Misuse Prevention.

These suggestions are not meant to circumvent district policies or replace following available local data on student needs. They are simply ideas to help prioritize student learning objectives, based on the Michigan Standards.

For grade specific guidance documents, please visit the corresponding links below:

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