Integrating Whole Child into Continuous Improvement Planning: Best Practice Statement

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model is commonly called the Whole Child in Michigan. Our partners at Michigan ASCD help us promote the model throughout the state.

We are very pleased to join with other leading education organizations and institutions in Michigan to support and endorse a Best Practices Statement advocating for integrating the Whole Child (WSCC Model) into Continuous Improvement Planning.

The statement looks closely at the complementary practices of Comprehensive Health Education, Physical Education and Social and Emotional Learning to provide the foundational information needed for districts to create a cohesive system in these areas, rather than approaching them in a siloed manner, to support their students well-being and safety effectively.

We invite you to read the full statement here and join us in promoting the health and learning of the whole child in school districts throughout the state of Michigan.

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