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The U-M Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory, led by Dr. Rebecca Hasson is collaborating with our president-elect and Saginaw ISDs Whole Child Program Director, Amy Wassmann, in effectively implementing the InPACTatSchool program. 

InPACTatSchool (Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with ACTivity at School) is a program developed by Dr. Hasson’s lab to improve students’ physical health, cognitive function, and enhance behavioral self-regulation by emphasizing children’s natural physical activity patterns through the implementation of short, intermittent sessions of activity throughout the school day. Wassmann works directly with Dr. Hasson’s lab along with a team at Wayne State University, overseen by Dr. Andria Eisman. The research partnership between MiSHCA and research groups has helped students and school professionals learn about incorporating activity breaks into the school day to increase children’s physical activity levels.  

This program is a successful partnership between Wassmann and Dr. Hasson that helps ensure teachers are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to get students moving and ready to learn in the classroom. Along with developing this program, this partnership has provided schools adaptable programs to continue physical activity at home with InPACTatHome considering COVID-19 restrictions. 

For more information or to check out their resources, go to Their complementary materials for the home, inPACTatHome, can be found here: 

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