Harrison Award: 2021 Awardee

In 2021, Amy Wassmann received the Harrison Award.

Amy Wassmann has been the Whole Child Program Director at Saginaw ISD for over 12 years where she works with schools and community organizations to provide physical and mental health support to children and teens so they can lead safe and healthy lives where they are engaged, supported and challenged. Previously, Amy’s professional experience has centered around grant writing and as a mental health therapist working with adolescents involved in the juvenile justice/foster care system.

Amy received her MSW at Michigan State University and has experience working with youth, families and schools in the areas of whole child and comprehensive school health including trauma/ACEs, mental health, social-emotional learning, suicide, sexual health, substance misuse prevention and violence/bullying, and nutrition/physical activity. She also works with districts on systems-level work around wellness policies, Sex Education Advisory Boards, whole child initiatives, evidence-based health curricula, building adult resilience, data collection and trauma informed practices.

What is the Harrison Award?

MiSHCA hosts the presentation of the Harrison Award. This award is selected and presented by the Michigan Model for Health State Steering Committee.

The Harrison award is given in recognition to honor individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution to school health education in Michigan.  The Michigan Model for Health State Steering Committee has given this recognition annually (with exception of 2014-2017) since 1988 when Dr. James T. Harrison was recognized for his distinguished service and commitment to school health.

Dr. Harrison championed the first legislative appropriation in 1983 that created the concept of making available to every school; age appropriate, sequential, skill building comprehensive school health education through the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education.  As the Chief Medical Officer for the then Michigan Department of Public Health, he resided over the Michigan Model State Steering Committee as the first chairperson for five years.

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