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For more information on Michigan Model for Health Learning to Enhance and Adapt for Prevention (MI-LEAP), visit mmhleap.org

MI-LEAP (Michigan Model for Health: Learning to Enhance and Adapt for Prevention) is a partnership project with Wayne State University and MISHCA and in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. This NIH-funded project focuses on improving student outcomes utilizing a tailored version of the MMH curriculum that provides trauma-informed approaches and supports for teachers. 

Through designing these implementation supports, we found several existing websites focused on creating supportive and trauma-informed environments with freely available resources and information. We felt that much of this information could be useful to all teachers. To enhance access to these resources for teachers across the state, we created a page of curated handouts, worksheets, checklists and information on our project website. We highlight the following topics: creating inclusive classrooms, taking care of yourself while taking care of others, promoting classroom discussion, and navigating digital platforms. Our goal in providing this resource page on the MI-LEAP website is to centralize useful information from different organizations and platforms in one place to make it easily accessible. This new page can be found at https://mmhleap.org/resources-secure/. 

To learn more about the MI-LEAP project, or for questions, please visit our website, www.mmhleap.org, or email mi-leap@wayne.edu.  

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We are mishca, a non-profit made up of local experts on the Whole Child (the WSCC Model).


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