MMH and InPACT Alignment Document

“Aligning programs that lend support to each other can be a useful tool when looking at implementation practices and the impact on outcomes. The purpose of this alignment document is to illustrate commonalities and complimentary components between the InPACT (Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with Activity) program and MMH (Michigan Model for HealthTM). Strong child health programs that run parallel, or complementary to each other have the possibility of being stronger together than when operating apart…

…An analysis of each program shows that there are many commonalities and complementary themes, and not any clear-cut duplication of effort. Through the process of alignment, there appear to be many opportunities for InPACT to support and supplement the Michigan Model for HealthTM, enhancing each program’s successful implementation. This document is meant to provide an overview of each program, how they align, and the possibility of value added when used together.” To learn more, read the full alignment document at

For more information on the Michigan Model Curriculum, go to

For more information or to check out their resources, go to Their complementary materials for the home, inPACTatHome, can be found here: 

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