Special Recognition Award: Current Awardee

As Director of the Michigan Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory, Dr. Rebecca Hasson enjoys using her expertise in pediatric physical activity, implementation science, and health equity research to improve the health and well-being of children and their families across the state of Michigan. For the past eight years, Dr. Hasson’s research has focused on the development and implementation of physical activity interventions in school and home environments, especially for low-income and ethnic minority pediatric populations.

As Principal Investigator of the “Interrupting Prolonged sitting with ACTivity” (InPACT) program, she has rigorously tested the feasibility of implementing InPACT activity breaks in classroom settings; tailored InPACT to enhance implementation fidelity and flexibility; augmented InPACT sustainability by strengthening district wellness policies; and adapted InPACT for dissemination in the home environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with organizational partners across the state, Dr. Hasson has made it her mission to get children, teachers, families and communities moving again.

What is the Special Recognition Award?

From time to time a Special Recognition Award is granted to an individual or group who has made a special and specific contribution to Michigan’s school health effort that has not been addressed by other awards.

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