Updated Two-Year Report on Sex Education

MiSHCA is excited to release, in collaboration with MDE, an updated template for the completion of the two-year report on sex education.

At the request of Michigan school districts, this sample report on the attainment of program goals and objectives is provided to support compliance with MCL 380.1507(5) of the Michigan School Code. MCL 380.1507(5) states, “At least once every 2 years, evaluate, measure, and report the attainment of program goals and objectives established under subdivision (a). The board of a school district shall make the resulting report available to parents in the school district.”

The sample report was originally developed in 2007 by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), and revised in 2023 in collaboration with the Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association. The focus is on creating a format that can be easily edited by districts, clarifying the portions of the report that are required by law versus best practice, and streamlining content for easier report writing. The template can be used and tailored by intermediate and local school districts to meet this requirement.

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