2022-2023 Building Healthy Communities Program Apply Today

Step Up for School Wellness Grant Who: All public, charter, or private non-profit schools in Michigan, serving any grade level K-12, can apply eachyearBy When: June 30, 2022RFA and More Information: https://buildinghealthycommunities.arewehealthy.com/ On behalf of the Building Healthy Communities partners, we would like to announce the release of the 2022-2023 Step Up for School WellnessContinue reading “2022-2023 Building Healthy Communities Program Apply Today”

MMH and InPACT Alignment Document

“Aligning programs that lend support to each other can be a useful tool when looking at implementation practices and the impact on outcomes. The purpose of this alignment document is to illustrate commonalities and complimentary components between the InPACT (Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with Activity) program and MMH (Michigan Model for HealthTM). Strong child health programsContinue reading “MMH and InPACT Alignment Document”

How Can Districts Assess Student Well-Being?

It’s important to understand the wide variety of our student needs locally and how those needs may have been impacted over the pandemic. The Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY) offers an excellent opportunity to assess those current students needs and support the work of multiple district roles, initiatives, and community agencies in accurately andContinue reading “How Can Districts Assess Student Well-Being?”

InPACTatHome Feeling Good

The InPACTatHome Family Engagement Team, which includes our very own Lisa Jo Gagliardi, Scott Martin, and Evilia Jankowski, has released the second of seven toolkits. This month’s toolkit focuses on Feeling Good and was developed by Evilia Jankowski (bio included in the toolkit). This toolkit is freely available on the InPACTatHome website at the FamilyContinue reading “InPACTatHome Feeling Good”

Introducing: InPACTatSchool

The U-M Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory, led by Dr. Rebecca Hasson is collaborating with our president-elect and Saginaw ISDs Whole Child Program Director, Amy Wassmann, in effectively implementing the InPACTatSchool program.  InPACTatSchool (Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with ACTivity at School) is a program developed by Dr. Hasson’s lab to improve students’ physical health, cognitive function, and enhance behavioral self-regulation by emphasizing children’s natural physical activity patterns through the implementation of short,Continue reading “Introducing: InPACTatSchool”

InPACTatHome Resilience Module

The InPACTatHome Family Engagement Team, which includes our very own Lisa Jo Gagliardi, Scott Martin, and Evilia Jankowski, has released the first of seven modules complete with a calendar of activities. This month’s module focuses on building resilience and was developed by Heather Lewis (bio included in the module). This toolkit combines physical activity andContinue reading “InPACTatHome Resilience Module”