Special Recognition Award

From time to time a Special Recognition Award is granted to an individual or group who has made a special and specific contribution to Michigan’s school health effort that has not been addressed by other awards.


Special Recognition Award Recipients

2019 Dr. Andria Eisman University of Michigan School of Public Health
Michigan ASCD
Micki Fuhrman & Christina Harvey Michigan Model for Health Online Training Module
2018 Jessi Shaffer, Jessica Miranda-Bevier, Melissa Buurstra Michigan Model for Health Early Childhood Curriculum Development Team
Krisca Gould & Cindie DeWolf American Heart Association
2017 Jessi Shaffer Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Liz Dinkel, Julie Welch and Tina Reimer The Michigan Model for Health Clearinghouse
Sophia Hines Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Steve Sukta Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
2016 Eileen Tomasi Flint Community Schools
Dorothy Oppenheiser Genesee ISD
Kelly Williams  Grand Rapids Public Schools
2015 EMC Staff – Lori Block, Johnnie Boughner, Jennifer Conroy, Lyle Howard, Nate Kolb, Yolonda Nummer Educational Materials Center
2013/14 Mary Ann George Rivertown Consultants
2012 Laurie Bechhofer Michigan Department of Education
Beverly Schroeder Ottawa Area ISD
2011 Bob Higgins Michigan Department of Education
Kim Phillips-Knope
2010 Barb Flis Parent Action for Healthy Kids
Shary Gaunt Educational Materials Center CMU
2009 Ingham Co REMC Ingham ISD
Saginaw REMC Saginaw ISD
Lenawee REMC Lenawee ISD
2008 Michigan Model Evaluation Team – Karen Yoder – Jim O’Neill – Angie O’Neill – Martha Neilsen – Kyle Guerrant – Mary Ann George – Jeff Clark
Shawn Cannarile Michigan Department of Community Health
2007 Mary Beno Livingston ESA
Lori Block Educational Materials Center
United Dairy Industry of Michigan
Karen Krabil Yoder Michigan Department of Community Health
2005 Elizabeth Haller Michigan Department of Education
Brenda Fink Michigan Department of Community Health
2002 Paula Nettleton Central Michigan University
1996 Cherry Jacobs Michigan State Board of Education
Jim Moore ALA
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