Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee of MiSHCA is charged with two main goals:

1. Collaborate with key education and professional organizations, including Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan, the Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health, and others, to educate legislators about Health Education, Physical Education, and Coordinated School Health, and to promote their implementation and adequate funding.

2. Equip the MiSHCA membership with skills and tools needed to effectively communicate with legislators and other policymakers.

To meet these goals, the Legislative Committee leads the following projects:
• Plans and implements an annual Legislative Education Day
• Develops legislative fact sheets on Health Education and Coordinated School Health
• Provides professional development for MiSHCA members on advocacy skills
• Composes prototype letters to legislators with contact lists
• Informs MiSHCA membership about legislative efforts of partner organizations
• Provides updates on funding and other health-related legislative issues

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