Partnership Committee

The Partnership Committee of the MiSHCA focuses on building strong relationships with other key statewide organizations and networks.  In an era of limited resources, stakeholders need to work together to accomplish key tasks.  By partnering with key education and health organizations, we can:

  • identify and work together toward like goals;
  • facilitate delivery of common messages and approaches;
  • coordinate and streamline initiatives, programs, and services;
  • and ultimately maximize the impact of existing human and fiscal resources.

For the 2016-17 school year, the MiSHCA will be focusing its collaborative efforts on some of Michigan’s key education organizations.  See list below.

Michigan Association of School Boards

Michigan Association of School Administrators

Michigan Association of School Curriculum Directors (MASCD)

Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals

Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association

We welcome opportunities to partner with these and other like-minded organizations to improve the health and academic achievement of Michigan students.


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