Welcome to the official website for the Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association (MiSHCA)!


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Our mission is:  MiSHCA promotes the health and safety of students, families and school staff using research-based approaches that improve students’ academic and health outcomes.

Our vision is:  Healthy students are better learners.

Thank you for attending 2019 Connecting with Kids Through School Health Conference and making it a success.


Check out the video from the conference.


Presenter handouts and presentations from the conference can be found on the 2019 Presenter Handouts page.


Conference Flyer 2019


We encourage you to explore this site and learn more about the association:

  • Who MiSHCA is
  • What MiSHCA does
  • When MiSHCA meets
  • Where MiSHCA members are found
  • Why MiSHCA does what it does, and
  • How MiSHCA helps make a difference in the lives of children and families.

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