MiSHCA Awards

We are mishca, a non-profit made up of local experts on the Whole Child (the WSCC Model).

Each year mishca honors those who share our mission and support the efforts to benefit the health of Michigan’s children.

Historically, these awards have been presented in three categories, though on occasion, other special recognition awards have also been presented.

Children’s Health Award

Since 1993, the Michigan Coordinated School Health Association (MiSHCA) had granted the Children’s Health Award to formally recognize individuals and organizations who have directly contributed to Michigan’s school health effort through their dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Since 1997, the Michigan Coordinated School Health Association (MiSHCA) has granted the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize individuals who have contributed in a very special way over their entire career to the health of Michigan’s children and youth.

Special Recognition Award

From time to time a Special Recognition Award is granted to an individual or group who has made a special and specific contribution to Michigan’s school health effort that has not been addressed by other awards.

Wanda Jubb Award

The Dr. Wanda Jubb Visionary Award is given to a person who has a vision to advance the work of comprehensive school health education, coordinated school health and/or whole child initiative in the state of Michigan and was successful in fulfilling that vision.  More specifically the criteria for this award include: 1) Identifying an unmet need; 2) Developing a solution to address the need; 3) Working towards implementing the solution; and 4) Resulting in a successful outcome.

Harrison Award

MiSHCA hosts the presentation of the Harrison Award. This award is selected and presented by the Michigan Model for Health State Steering Committee.

The Harrison award is given in recognition to honor individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution to school health education in Michigan.  The Michigan Model for Health State Steering Committee has given this recognition annually (with exception of 2014-2017) since 1988 when Dr. James T. Harrison was recognized for his distinguished service and commitment to school health.

Dr. Harrison championed the first legislative appropriation in 1983 that created the concept of making available to every school; age appropriate, sequential, skill building comprehensive school health education through the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education.  As the Chief Medical Officer for the then Michigan Department of Public Health, he resided over the Michigan Model State Steering Committee as the first chairperson for five years.

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We are mishca, a non-profit made up of local experts on the Whole Child (the WSCC Model).


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