Wanda Jubb Award

The Dr. Wanda Jubb Visionary Award is given to a person who has a vision to advance the work of comprehensive school health education, coordinated school health and/or whole child initiative in the state of Michigan and was successful in fulfilling that vision.  More specifically the criteria for this award include: 1) Identifying an unmet need; 2) Developing a solution to address the need; 3) Working towards implementing the solution; and 4) Resulting in a successful outcome.


Wanda Jubb Award Recipients

2018 Karen Krabill Yoder  Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
2016  Sustainability Committee Members: Marshall Collins, Paula Frinfrock, Lisa Jo Gagliardi, Taryn Mack, Stacey Sills, Mary Teachout, Amy Wassmann, Kelly Williams, Charlie Yeager, Cathy Rayburn, Kelli Thompson, Joyce Miller, Mary Beno
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