Each year the Michigan School Health Coordinator’s Association (MiSHCA) honors those who share our mission and support the efforts to benefit the health of Michigan’s children. Historically, these awards have been presented in three categories, though on occasion, other special recognition awards have also been presented.

To view more information about each award category, and a list of the previous award winners, select on of the following links:

Current Recipients

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The Dr. Wanda Jubb Visionary Award is given to a person who has a vision to advance the work of comprehensive school health education, coordinated school health and/or whole child initiative in the state of Michigan and was successful in fulfilling that vision.  More specifically the criteria for this award include: 1) Identifying an unmet need; 2) Developing a solution to address the need; 3) Working towards implementing the solution; and 4) Resulting in a successful outcome.

In addition, the MiSHCA each year hosts the presentation of the Harrison Award. This award is selected and presented by the Michigan Model for Health State Steering Committee.

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